Why Choose APR?


At APR Allen Plastics Repair, we know you have other options when it comes to your plastic returnable container repair providers. That’s why we will spare you the “quality” spiel and let you determine for yourself how well our repairs are done. APR is so confident in our ability to fix your containers and pallets like new, we offer an unmatched 3-year warranty on all our refurbished products. That’s a better warranty than most manufacturers offer on their brand new boxes! Although we’re not the only ones around that can repair your containers, we do have the most experience. APR has been in business since 1985 and has pioneered many of the best techniques used today. We take it upon ourselves to fix each box that comes through our doors to the very best of our ability, even if it means a little less profit for us.


Many times our customers will tell us that they purchased bulk containers in a standard size to "save money" just to find out that they don't exactly fit their parts. Sound like a problem you've experienced? APR has the solution. Over the past 27 years, APR Allen Plastics Repair has perfected the modification process to change the length, height or width of your stock boxes. The cost for this service is only a fraction of what it would cost to have the manufacturer prepare a new mold for your custom needs. In addition, we can customize your containers with metal reinforcement, cut-outs, custom HDPE dunnage, removable panels and more. When "close-enough" simply isn't, call APR for a custom modification quote.


There are literally thousands of companies for you to choose from when recycling your scrap plastic. We know that. But one more quote won't hurt, right? APR is a full service recycling company; we work with you to get you the best price for your unfixable returnable containers and pallets. Our plastic recycling program is easy, just send us photos, quantity and the location of the material you wish to get rid of, and we will make you an offer and schedule to haul your scrap away. By recycling your obsolete or non-repairable plastic containers, we can work together to create a greener earth – plus you get paid for doing your part in saving the environment!

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