Buy APR refurbished bulk containers and you will save money plus get a great product that lasts.


With 30 years of plastic repair experience, APR is your safe choice supplier of plastic returnable containers.  Backed by our three-year workmanship warranty , all our refurbished bulk containers have been through a rigorous repair and inspection process and are GUARANTEED to be in excellent working condition. That means when APR-supplied refurbished bulk containers hit your system, you don't have to worry about the containers being broken, slowing down your production or failing, causing injury or product loss.  Check out our repair programs to learn more about how we fabricate our refurbished containers.


refurbished bulk containers  

  Benefits of using APR refurbished bulk containers:

  • Designed to last for years, more durable than wood or corrugated alternatives

  • Saves money in packaging, freight and storage costs

  • Have a low environmental impact and are completely recyclable

  • Provides better product protection and are weather-resistant

  • Easier to clean than other materials

  • Customizable to fit your needs



APR keeps a sizable inventory of refurbished bulk containers in stock and ready for quick shipment.


Refurbished bulk containers available sizes:


30x32x25 | 30x32x34 | 40x48x25 | 40x48x34


40x48x39.5 | 48x45x25 | 48x45x34 | 48x45x42


48x45x50 | 64.5x48x25 | 64.5x48x34 | 64.5x48x50


70x48x25 | 70x48x34 | 70x48x50 | Others


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Contact us to speak with one of our representatives or get a quote .  We’ll find the refurbished bulk containers that fit your needs.


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